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day off and marched to new york city's union square. the trend, it caught on, spreading through the growth of unions, but it didn't become a national holiday until 1894. a tradition that began 128 years ago today. happy labor day everyone. >> mike: we've got a great show from vegas, bill clinton is going to be with us. mr. president. >> hey, what's going on governor. >> mike: not much, glad you're going to be here. >> about that, i'm not going to be able to make it. >> mike: what? >> yeah, just, i got something else going on (laughter) >> okay. all right. let me try, let's see, i know who we can get. we also have donald trump lined up. let me make sure he's still-- hello, doned a. >> hey, governor, how is it going, guess what not going to be able to make it in today, having a little bit of a bad hair day. >> mike: what. well, thanks. all right. dr. phil is another one of our guests today.
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let me get him. make sure he's going to be here. hey, dr. phil, mike huckabee i want to confirm you'll be with us here in vegas today. >> mike, what's going on. yeah, about that, i was going to try to be there, but something came up and i guess there's little bit of a problem that's keeping me from-- >> hey, doctor. >> yes. >> america wants to see your medical license. >> oh! i guess dr. phil is out. i know who is going to be available for us. he always comes through for me, robin leach will come through for me. robin. >> governor. >> robin. >> i'm here for you. we're always here for you. >> mike: we can have a show. >> from las vegas, nevada, the entertainment capital of the world, it's a special edition of luc. hi, i'm robin leach. >> (applause) >> and welcome to las vegas.
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the venetian resort hotel casino is proud to host a special huckabee, vegas fights back and i am thrilled to introduce him. ladies and gentlemen, the governor, mike huckabee. [applaus [applause]. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very, very much for being here. what a great crowd. okay. you're going to-- you're going to take up the whole show clapping. well, tonight, we've got a great show. comedian and impersonator, frank caliendo. the chairman and ceo of the venetian, sheldon addleton, nevada governor gibbons, the cost of the run away hit jersey boys and mr. las vegas himself, wayne newton all on our show here today.
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[applaus [applause] >> i want you to know that i came to las vegas with a $20 and the ten commandments and i don't plan to break either one of them. you know, it's interesting, people are asking why are we doing the show in las vegas, for heaven's sake. i mean, i don't drink, and i don't gamble so why am i doing the show here? well, you know, there are a lot of cities across the world that are centers of something. for example, when we think of the center, the epicenter of movies we think of hollywood. the epicenter of finance, new york, and when we think about the, maybe the epicenter of government, what do we think of, washington. our disneyland east as we like to call it. when you think about the epicenter of live entertainment, it's las vegas, this is where there is more amazing live entertainment in
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a concentrated space than everywhere on the face of the planet. [applause] now, many of you know that over the past few months, the president of the united states has attacked las vegas, not once, but twice, he's encouraged people not to come here, [crowd booing] . >> obviously, not popular with this crowd. when you think of the convention business and conference business and tour vm is hurt here. you know who is hurt? you think it's the rich? no, no, know he, it's the people who make beds, serve food, drive cabs. the very people i thought the president was supposed to be fighting to are. instead he's fighting people by asking them not to come and make it possible to have this incredible hospitality industry. well, on this show, we're going to let you know that
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vegas isn't sitting back and taking it. they're fighting back. and that's what we're going to be talking about here tonight. [applause]. to get us started tonight. i want to introduce you to one of the funiest people i've ever met. ladies and gentlemen, the headliner from the monte carlo resort, frank caliendo. [applaus [applause] >> i was watching president obama the other day and i was realizing, man, do i miss president bush. relax, relax, it's not a town hall meeting. i missed having a president it seemed like he was always looking directly into the sun. every time you looked at george bush he'd have this look on his face. and waiting for him to say, somebody do me a favor, hand
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me a pair of sunglasses, somebody get me a visor. >> you think you mean an advisor. >> no, an advise yao, and remember the look like you were the run that said something ridiculous. sometimes at the end of the sentence he wouldn't think of the last word and rooting for him to get it. he was on tv and like a scene from the "water boy," you can do it, you know? you wanted had i am to get there so bad and talk about something serious like the terrorists. there are terrorists. these guys are... these guys are-- these guys of bad. and sir, you had two choices, bad and not good, i'm sorry, but that took too long. and people come up, they're divided. i've seen this all the time. and come up to the election, what do you think that hillary clinton would have been president. list be if hillary clinton would have been eexhibit willed president the easiest thing on earth because i am back and there will be no
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rules. think about it. things like first lady. yes, please. second lady. why not. third lady, bring them on. hey. can you imagine the news stories you would have heard. they're unable to find the first gentleman today. because they didn't check the hot tub. the government makes me laugh. remember this story seven, eight months ago two women from the united states got captured in north korea, went over the border and two beautiful women. what's our rescue mission, the united states, we send bill clinton on a private plane to go save them. guys, i'm not even to the joke part yet. we're still in the knock-knock portion, okay? this is a question i have for you, how long do you think it took to talk clinton into this deal, right. they get him in a room. mr. clinton, we have two women. i'm on my way. we haven't said what we needed you to do yet. oh, yes you did. i've been working on president obama, you've got that one down.
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i don't have the voice down yet. mostly the physical resem lance to him. for those of you visually impaired cartman trying to do-- but i have, listen, i have a listened to the phrases and begins senses with the word look, or here's the deal. look and here is the deal. if he says both of them he thinks it's pretty important and it's probably going to cost you a couple of bucks. relax. and this is the other one to listen to, will et me be clear, okay. let me be clear, when he says that he's going to change your mind. he's the great communicator, that's what they say. whether you believe some of this, that's not what we're here to talk about, the governor will do that. let me be clear he'll change your mind. that's why i think he's a jedi. now, follow me on this, because if he says let me be clear, all right, he's going to say the same they think you said and better and bingo you're on his side. if somebody said mr. president, let me be
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clear, i don't see it as failure, i just see it as affi aaffirmative lack of success. look for a green guy and right you are obama one. it's the cade dance, throw at the beginning, he'd be great with an ento number like 867-5309. that's jennie's number. you bet it is. thank you guys very much. [applause] >> coming up, the governor and latest, vegas style, fight back. introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. and those people are what i like to call wrong. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium,
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>> mike: who is the easiest person that you >> who is the easiest person that you do? >> well, i mean, leno is easy, jay leno is an easy one, the only one who could have a bobble head and actual ahead. i said that to jay on the joe
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because i wasn't thinking and he got me back on the show one time. they showed me and my wife during the super bowl. 96 million people watching and every guy texted me the same thing, dude your wife is hot. yeah, but you should have seen the texts my wife was getting me, who is the fat guy you're next to. cha-ching. >> mike: who is the hardest guy. >> president obama is difficult. but getting that, let me be clear that's a big thing and the cadence, let me be clear, it's not that hard, it's just not easy as i thought it would be. [laughter] >> let me ask you, what do you do different at your show in the monty carlo if they've seen you somewhere else. >> a friend of mine at a corporate show a couple years ago, we became friends he was not working at the monty
8:14 pm
carlo, he's one of these guys. i called the number and how we got the van. >> what was the question? what is different about-- >> what the heck has happened here? he's uncontrollable. >> here we are, we're back, oh, no, the governor. on youtube. and you ought to see him when he drinks caffeinated coffee. that's the decaf. >> no, we have a band and i do singing and nothing beats john madden singing unforgettable. a bigger production than stand-up on the road. >> somebody you've done many times. tiger woods and yet, i'd like to know what one of your characters, charles bar clay, might say to tiger. apparently spent a lot of time in vegas. >> i tell you what, tague you did some bad-- a little bit of a knucklehead. when tiger said he was going
8:15 pm
home-- when tiger said-- hold on, i'm trying to edit myself in this which the real charles would not do. but (laughter) >> trying to remember the joke, it's not coming to me. see, here is a joke right here, what he did was he went off on a tan gent. i love tangerines, they're my favorite fruit. when tiger woods said he was going to play a round in vegas, it had nothing to do with golf, knucklehead. i've got a million of them. everybody, what a crowd. >> mike: frank caliendo, everybody. the man who changed the way that casinos do business in las vegas. sheldon i'll te these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring thehole gang. it's hard to beat double miles.
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>> mike: pl (applause). >> . >> mike: please welcome our host at the venetian, the chairman and chief executive of the sands, sheldon is here. thank you very, very much. let me begin by asking you, what has changed in las vegas over the last 20, 30 years? >> i put on about ten pounds. [laughter] >> you're going to be head lining your own show if you keep that up. >> i'm bucking to get an interview and sit down comedian. what have-- >> i could interview myself. >> mike: you can always get a room at venetian, can't you? >> no, i get a suite. >> mike: i get a room, you get a suite. yeah. >> you get a-- >> can i borrow it? >> yeah. >> mike: terrific, you heard that. what has changed in the city as far as foe have yous and emphasis and what's different about las vegas people might
8:20 pm
be surprised to learn. >> i tell you, las vegas has become a city of integrated resorts where there are so many amenities that a single property is offering, so we've coined the term, i plagiarized it from singapore, we call singapore property an integrated resort so we have everything here, exhibition space, convention space, we have show rooms, we have four show rooms in this property. one, two, three, four, four. i had to use my fingers. it's become a series of strip of integrated resorts and focus more on the convention market and group market than on the former casino sentri centricity of the way that las vegas was operated. when las vegas was first started it legitimized therefore, illegitimate business and we all know the story about bugsy segal and the movie and what have you so they legitimized casinos, gambling.
8:21 pm
today we don't call it gambling anymore, today we call it gaming, because confused with my 13-year-old kid who plays gams on the tv what do they call it, playstation or something, xbox. course i don't know how to turn that on. a little too technical for me. actually, i'm led to believe that we have something to do with it. >> mike: but you had an idea, a number of years ago. you were the one of the visionaries to see las vegas not just as a place for gaming, but a place for conventions and conferences. >> right. >> mike: and thats with a the nt kind of vegas. >> well, it took away-- it segued from focus on and concentration on casinos only, to today, the las vegas convention authority recently pulled a survey that said that only 14% of the people who come to las vegas come for the purpose of gambling.
8:22 pm
>> 14%. >> that would be shocking to most people. >> when i run across people all over the world they say i have never come to las vegas and i say how come. because i don't gamble. besides the locals-- >> are here in las vegas, for something other than gaming. >> mike: well, you know, i was saying at the beginning of the show, i don't gamble, but vegas is an incredibly fun place to come. in walking distance of wherever you stay be you can see the most phenomenal shows in the world in one city. >> all offense the place. >> mike: and in a relatively concentrated area. just incredible. live entertainment is unsurpassed here in every kind of way and we have-- we have a concentrate. >> first of all, la las vegas is great for groups. the best for groups because it's the most cost efficient and it's the most-- it has the greatest infrastructure. leak our property here we have 330 reading rooms. it's the largest meeting
8:23 pm
complex in the entire world. >> mike: how many square feet in the whole complex that the venetian has? >> i'm not really counting, but it's 18 1/2 million square feet. >> mike: but you're not really counting. largest hotel in the world, right. >> i forget the odd numbers. 18, you know how big that is, it's big, very, as big as this-- almost as big as the federal deficit. nothing's that big, nothing's that big. unfortunately you're not running at a sdilt and certainly not getting bailed out by washington. >> i don't need bailing out. i need a vacation. i need a vacation. and las vegas has-- there were 40,000 rooms within a ten minute walk. you can step out of the front of this property and walk through a total of 40,000 rooms in ten minutes. there's no other city in the
8:24 pm
world. most don't have 40,000 rooms except maybe orlando, new york, i'm not even sure about new york and whatever. so, it's very-- maybe paris. it's-- it has the basic infrastructure for groups, it has the service attitude that other people don't have and of course, this is the only hotel on the strip that's nonunion. nonunion. >> woo, woo! . . >> and service personnel. one i think this that impresses me, i think that this city has the greatest concentration of people in the hospitality business who understand service. >> right. >> mike: from drivers to food servers, every person that i encounter in any of the properties, i am amazed at how helpful, friendly, courteous and grateful they are for the business and i think that means something. >> well, aren't you saying only at the venetian and pa
8:25 pm
lazzo. >> mike: especially, especially at the venetian. >> and because we're nonunion. and so people get-- >> they lost last night, that's what happened. >> that happens to the best of us. but actually, when employees get rewarded based upon-- and get promoted not based upon just your seniority, they get rewarded based upon the merit, the kind of job they do, i hear-- i'm not plugging us, but i am plugging us. i don't mean to, but i can't help it you know, it's a natural thing. >> mike: well-- >> our employees here, that people tell me that our employees are the nicest, most helpful courteous of employees in all of las vegas. >> mike: they've been wonderful to us. it's been a privilege and joy for us to be here. and i'm going to say thank you
8:26 pm
and i think you could play any of your rooms, fill it up and get repeat engagements anytime you want to. >> well, it's great, it's great to be here, but then again, everybody has to be somewhere. [laughter] >> and i'd rather be here. >> mike: ladies and gentlemen, sheldon, ceo of the venetian. and we'll be right back with much more. [ female announcer ] stay once. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra men's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emergin science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bo health. centrum ultra women's. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪
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evidence in the gulf oil spill is en route to a nasa facility for testing and the 3300 ton blowout preventer was brought up. testing is set to term why it failed and spilling millions of gallons of oil into the gulf. i'm julie banderas, now back to huckabee. thanks for watching. [applause] >> las vegas casino bring in about 50 billion dollars and nearly 40 million visitors right here every single year, the finest hotels, restaurants, and stores, make this city a must place to visit. in 2008 the economy took a nosedive and las vegas took a huge blow to the tune of about 6 billion dollars. >> you are not going to be able to give out these big bonuses until you pay
8:31 pm
taxpayers back. you can't get corporate jets, you can't go take a trip to las vegas or go down to the super bowl on the taxpayer's dime. >> mike: joining frank caliendo and me in las vegas are the governor of nevada jim gibbons of nevada and mr. las vegas himself, wayne newton. [applaus [applause]. >> mike: wayne, when people think of las vegas, they think of wayne newton. you have been entertaining in this city for many, many years and when the president made the comment about don't go to vegas, did you take that a little personally. >> of course i took it personal, i think it was the most irresponsible, arrogant thing i have ever heard a president of the united states say. [applaus
8:32 pm
[applaus [applause]. >> mike: and governor-- can i-- how do you really feel about it? [laughter] >> whoa. newton. down big boy. governor, you saw the revenues of the state. did it have an impact and if so, to what level. >> there's no doubt that the people of las vegas, the city of las vegas were severely hurt by the president's remarks. about 400 conventions, business meetings and that were canceled, because of his remarks. 100 million dollars was lost by the community at that remark. people lost their jobs. this city took a real blow when the president made that remark. he was wrong then. and then he said it again. and i don't understand why he keeps picking on las vegas. >> may i jump in there. >> mike: certainly. >> he was so incensed with las
8:33 pm
vegas that he then decided to come here and do two fundraisers, he can come here to take our money, but can't have people come here to spend. >> let me be clear. be clear. i don't have a joke. it happens to the best of us. >> wayne, when i was talking to mr. adelson, one of the questions i asked him. how has he seen las vegas change over the years you've spent a lot of your career here. what are the changes you've seen in terms of the positive changes and why should people across the country say well, maybe that would be a great destination for us? >> i think that when i came here at the age of 15 we had a population of about 80,000 people. we now have 2 1/2 million people who live and survive and bring their families up and support the city and the
8:34 pm
state. it is changed a lot in terms of conglomerates coming in, in terms of publicly held companies becoming involved in las vegas and of course, the new expansion of the city center is a perfect example of that. >> mike: governor, what is the way to make this entire region, and specifically las vegas, once again thrive, notwithstanding some more comments from the president? >> well, if we can do away with the president even coming or talking about las vegas, we'll be a lot better off. [applause] >> what we really need to do is we need to bring more tourists here. we need to get the word out that las vegas is a great city, to come, to play, to live, to raise a family. this is a community like no other. we need more tourists, we need to build the economy back up and the only way we're going to do that is to spread the word about the great people
8:35 pm
like wayne newton and frank here who make las vegas both fun and a great place to live. [applause] >> well, frank, any, any final words from you or from someone you might have brought with you. >> a guy doing a pretty good segue. >> why like segues, i fell off one once. i tell you what, which one is my camera, give me a camera, come on knucklehead. another guy pointed to another one. i'm going to do all of them. come to las vegas or you're a knucklehead. i'm going to do it over here now pretend like i never saw it. what's in this box, this box that rocks. come to las vegas or you're a knucklehead, knucklehead. >> thank you very much frank caliendo, wayne newton,
8:36 pm
governor jim gibbons of nevada. we'll be right back with much more. ck with much more. >> announcer: next, the cast >> next, the cast of injure boys with a medley of hits from frankie valley and the four seasons. [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for dawn-to-dark hold. it is important to use the product as directed. fixodent and forget it.
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see the light ♪ ♪ it seemed so wrong, but now it's been so right ♪ ♪ sweet surrender what a night ♪ ♪ i felt it like a rolling ball of thunder, spinning my head around and taking my body under ♪ ♪ oh, what a night ♪ oh what a night ♪ oh what a night ♪ oh what a night ♪ oh what a night (applaus (applause) >> they love you. >> thank you. >> wow, ladies and gentlemen, jersey boys, great cast.
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thank you very much. and we will be right back. . >> coming up, frank caliendo, robin leach and wayne newton face off with the audience.
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. [ applause ] (applaus ] (applause) >> our audience here at the venetian has been fantastic so frank caliendo, wayne newton, robin leach all agreed to join me and we are going to have a little fun by taking questions from out here in the audience. now, everything that you want to throw at us, we're ready for it. so we're going out here megan has one of the microphones in the awed yoens, tell us the question. >> here from vegas, my question is for frank. can you do an impression of my dear friend wayne newton?
8:49 pm
>> i cannot. i've tried. >> you could and we could wayne to stand behind you. >> how come robin leach is funnier than me now! that's not fair. i grew up watching robin leach and i loved life styles of the rich and famous and i've loved-- and i'm robin leach and welcome to the life styles of the rich and life styles of the rich and famous, you'll see everything you'll never be good enough to have. >> if that's how i sound, i apologize! >> all right, who else have we got. this is from san diego. >> governor, i just wanted to ask you, are you nervous about your daughter's wedding? >> oh, yeah, that's right, my daughter is getting married next tuesday and am i nervous?
8:50 pm
no. i'm scared to death about the whole thing. actually i'm very thrilled and fortunately for her, i like the guy and that helps a lot. but the thing that i found that someone sent me a t-shirt that summed up this whole experience, it says father of the bride, three ups, pay up, show up, shut up. i found that's all i've got to do. [applause] >> and you know, vegas is the best place to have a wedding. >> mike: we thought of bringing her here and let elvis do it. i don't know didn't seem to appeal to her and her senstivities. i like the idea. let's go back to the crowd. >> this is bo be from washington. >> washington d.c. and make myself very clear if i could. [laughter] >> , but i'd like robin or any of the panel. find out. maybe, saying what we have in an idea, really add that to the note and here in las vegas. has it?
8:51 pm
[laughter] >> robin? >> oh, all i can say is this is obviously yet one more politician who talks from both sides of his mouth. and su still can't understand what they're saying. >> mike: okay. i better let you in on it. we sucker punched you robin. that's derwood, mr. double talk we've had him on our show and derwood, i've been tell him, he really should run for congress, he makes more sense than most of them do. >> okay. megan. >> this is chris from houston. that's a hard act to follow. >> governor. >> mike: yes. >> i guess you heard that woody allen said that president obama should be dictator for a while. what do you think about that?
8:52 pm
>> woody allen has said a lot of things that i wouldn't agree with. i would add that to the list. but wonderful about this country, the wonderful thing is that we don't have dictators, we have elected representatives and we have people who lead us, but they don't own us. liberty is still what makes us unique as americans, so, with all due respect to mr. allen, he's a great comedian and a very talented writer and a funny person. but many' going to let his politics be-- >> governor, woody allen i cans moo the idea of a dictator why doesn't he move to venezuela, north korea. [applause] >> good point, robin, good point. >> from arizona. >> hi, wayne, i've got to say this, you are still too cute. [applause] >> and i have a question. would you please sing "danke
8:53 pm
shoen"? >> please sing "danke shoen." >> how many times. >> i can't count. >> 17 million. >> at least. >> i have, in case you up in maine, and it has been raining the whole time. and so, i'm-- i am a little laryngitis, but-- >> but, however-- >> yeah! >> "danke shoen" ♪ >> i tell you what, lenny. [laughter] >> we're not going to make you lose your voice. tell you what, if we could get you maybe to do a music cal number with us, how-- would that work? >> thanks. >> i'll come to your room later then.
8:54 pm
what do you have in mind. >> well, governor would you consider plague something with me in terms of an instrumental or something. >> if it's something easy enough i might could do. depends what it is. >> i watch your show all the time and i know this sounds, you know, self-serving and it's not. i'm a big fan, but i've never seen you play anything like a classical nature. >> there's a reason for that, wayne, that's really complicated music. >> so, if i played the violin. >> oh. >> and could i get you to play bass? >> okay. >> great. [applaus [applause] >> and of course, having to follow the jersey boys. it's a lot of fun.
8:55 pm
would you just pick up the tempo a little bit. or you know-- >> don't pick it up, too much. i have to keep up with you guys. >> one, two-- ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ (applaus (applause) >> oh. >> oh, thank you. >> mike: thank you. >> thanks to frank, to robin and to wayne and all of our very special guests, sheldon adelson of the venetian resort hotel, the jersey boys and all
8:57 pm
the folks with us tonight and thank you this wonderful audience. hope you had a great time and hope you have a wonderful time. till next time, mike huckabee from las vegas, good night from las vegas, good night everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. wo separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at old legs. p.a.d., the doctor said. p-a-d... p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs causing you pain. it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. i was going to tell you. if you ha p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots, the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. call the doctor about plavix -- please? i will. [ male announcer ] certain genetic factors and some medicines such as prilosec reduce the effect of plavix
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